Energy transition in Europe, the French case

Hot news about the energy transition

Outlook and key issues WHAT ARE THE KEY ISSUES OF THE FRENCH DEBATE ABOUT THE ENERGY TRANSITION? 1.     Relaunching the dialogue and strengthening political consistency at the European level If, […]

Shale gas

Reinventing the debate on shale gas

Shale gas mining sparks off inflamed debates in every country. While some countries review their position to use this potential, France retains a moratorium on the hydraulic fracturing technique. It […]

Crayons de couleur

Mobilizing talents requires new management models

After decades of globalization and standardization, company management models have become stifling, counter-productive systems. Inventing new models based on talent and uniqueness is urgent. These models could balance the “art […]

Electricity and customer management

European energy suppliers benchmark 2013: in the competition for customer loyalty making a key success factor out of the multichannel strategy

Every year Eurogroup Consulting benchmarks the multichannel practices of energy suppliers in Europe in order to better highlight how a multichannel strategy serves the company global goals and how to […]

Smart Grid

Smart Grids, mirage or reality?

It’s the talk of the town…Smart Grids, or intelligent networks, are described as one of the answers to the issues raised by the electricity system in the ten coming years. […]

Illustration énergies marines Morguefile

Marine renewables: a promising industrial option for France?

This is what « France Energies Marines » (French Marine Energies) believes, as winner of the competition on « Excellence Institutions on low-carbon energies », launched within the program on promising investments. France’s advantages […]


The German energy transition: a realistic bet?

Abandon nuclear power in 2022, reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2020, have 60% renewables in the  final energy consumption in 2050:  the goals of Energiewende are ambitious. Will Germany […]

Assemblée Nationale (Parlement)

Bonus-penalties on energy consumption, the best intentions won’t be enough

In this article, we will only talk about the core of the bill on the French bonus-penalties system on energy consumption, excluding the propositions to broaden the circle of beneficiaries […]

nuclear power plant

Competitiveness: energy at the heart of the French machinery

In the debate on French competitiveness, the evolution of the trade balance points out the strategic importance of the energy sector. For many years, the French industry has managed to […]


Smart Grids: What is at stake for DSOs?

  Interview with Marc Boillot, member of the COMEX ERDF, senior VP for strategy and project development What is at stake in the coming years? Marc Boillot.- The ERDF network, […]

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