RH&Energy Meeting

HR & Energy Meeting on Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 in our Parisian office: How to anticipate the jobs of tomorrow in the energy sector?

Eurogroup Consulting is pleased to organize this event which will be an opportunity to discuss changes in the job market with our guests: – Dominique BALANCHE HR Director at GDF […]

Image-Switch North vs South

Cross-Channel in Northern and Southern Europe:

In recent years, two factors have left their mark on the European energy market. Firstly, since the 1st of July 2007, this market has been liberalized, which has resulted in […]

Oil refinery at twilight

How Brussels is leading European refineries to bankruptcy

Environmental regulations of the European Union are weighing the already fragile refinery industry down. The petroleum industry is therefore sounding the alarm: in the face of Middle Eastern competition, European […]

Centrale nucléaire

After Fukushima, reinvest into secure nuclear power

After Fukushima’s nuclear accident, many questions have been raised about the safety of nuclear power plants on our territory and the fact that they are kept open. Today, the French […]

Leute im Büro arbeiten als Team zusammen

Measuring employees’ engagement is good, mobilizing them is better!

Plants shut down, relocations, redundancy plans… Headlines brim with examples that question the bond between companies and employees.Why and how would an employee put a lot of himself in a […]

Hydro in CEE region

Hydro energy developments in the CEE region – a legacy of former times

One of the most important initiatives of the European energy sector is represented by the renewable energy Directive (2009/28/EC). The main purpose of this directive is to prepare the EU […]

Vista Think Tank conference 2012

The 4th Vista Energy Think Tank conference will take place on Wednesday, December 5 2012 at 5pm in Paris: Ecole Nationale d’Administration 2, avenue de l’Observatoire 75006 Paris The topic […]

REN Scandinavia

Renewables in Scandinavia: In search of long-term agreements

The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently released the 2012 edition of Energy Technology Perspectives (ETP 2012). In the report they present three scenarios reflecting different ambition levels of global emission […]

Professor Orecchini

What trends for E-Mobility today?

Interview with an expert Professor Fabio Orecchini presides over the SEM Research Centre at the University of  Rome (Sapienza). This research unit orchestrates the debate among industry actors in Italy regarding […]

Shale Gas

Can France do without Shale Gas?

France is full of shale gas. The Paris Basin, the North and the South of France all have considerable amounts of non conventional gas stock resources, turning our country into […]

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