Eurogroup Consulting is pleased to organize this event and to present the result of its Energy & Strategy annual survey. This event will be an opportunity to discuss the main perspectives for the gas industry in the Euro-Mediterranean area together with our guests:

–       André MERLIN CEO of MEDGRID, former president of the Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Électriques, and President of the Surveillance Committee of RTE

–       Houda Ben Jannet ALLAL Director of the Mediterranean Energy Observatory

–       Jerôme FERRIER President of the International Gas Union

-       Patrice GEOFFRON Teacher and Director of the LEDa-CGEMP, UNIVERSITE PARIS DAUPHINE

–       Mourad PREURE Energy expert at IPEMED and former Director of strategy at SONATRACH group     

–       Didier SIRE  Director of Strategy of the Energy Europe department at GDF SUEZ

This meeting will be animated by François POUZERATTE, Partner at Eurogroup Consulting and Emmanuel CUGNY, Journalist.

In the present European context where decreasing greenhouse gas emissions is a major objective, gas appears as an asset thanks to its low carbon levels. But the current supply infrastructure is not fostering gas consumption. Therefore, the Euro-Mediterranean zone can become an opportunity to change the relation between gas operators. How can the European Union act in favor of a strong common gas energy policy?


If you want to join us, you will find detailed a agenda, contacts and address in the attached document.